1971 oldsmobile 442 w30 vin decoder

Faithfully Restored by Marque Specialist Joe Cubellis. honolulu police department records; spiritual meaning of the name ashley; mississippi election results 2021; charlie spring and nick nelson Followers 0. }Z8.u\!"),%S.YXfs)eWj1E_0E&WcoX FW`Q#|wR;2Wiw>&K~*!q77 sWH,*[jSliSu6X M*F9 The 442 model grilles are blacked out with egg crate grilles and the hood divider has die cast 442 numbers instead of the Rocket emblem. Car has one repaint that was done in 1989. Hurst His & Hers option. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Drivetrains: The engine line up used a small block and a big block. The 1971 Cutlasses and 442 featured blacked out grilles. No crap, we promise. A sticker on the passenger's side door hinge. Oldsmobile Engine Decoder 1964-65 V6 (Buick) engines, the engine codes are found on the right-hand cylinder head. 26. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. This code has a 2-letter prefix code followed by . In time, he also began buying Oldsmobile parts cars and stripping them. It also allows to obtain information about the history of the vehicle, i.e. The W32 was a Cutlass Supreme performance package which supplied a 365 horsepower 455. But the decline in performance was unstoppable. At the present, my expertise covers 1968-1972, and that includes W-30s, W-31s, and others. endstream endobj 21 0 obj<> endobj 23 0 obj<> endobj 24 0 obj<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/ExtGState<>>> endobj 25 0 obj<> endobj 26 0 obj<> endobj 27 0 obj[/ICCBased 33 0 R] endobj 28 0 obj<> endobj 29 0 obj<> endobj 30 0 obj<>stream If it's a four-speed car, I look to make sure that nobody's tampered with it and installed a new transmission tunnel. I'm 40 years old. A couple of years ago I drove out to New Jersey to authenticate a couple of cars for a client in California. You've always got to be on the lookout for things like that, especially when you're looking at these high end cars. They have the wrong markings on the bolt heads. The normal body code for a 442 convertible would be ST 68 34467 . A quick visual identification if the car is original is metallic gold for the 350 V8, bronze for the 400, and metallic blue for the 455 V8. Oldsmobile car parts catalog for additional information if you're looking for parts to repair your vehicle. This was available on Cutlass S four barrel cars as well as 442s and W30 cars. Olds also began listing net output with all accessories in place. Aside from replicas, you should watch for rust. Bucharest Airport Taxi an exclusive service tailored for corporate travelers. 0000000016 00000 n Introduced in 1964, it was continually updated, receiving the big-block engines in 1965 and a performance option called the W30. So the muscle car era lived on for another year with the help of the 1971 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 W-30. 3535: 4 dr. Sta. Tinted windows. Only 110 W30 models were built in 1971 which included the fiberglass force induction hood and turbo 400 transmission. By adding a parts bin special cobbled from the Police Apprehender's package, the Lansing boys made their F85 and Cutlass a performance car. The flat ridge acted like a spear. A very nice original VW Kever. See Consumer Guide Automotive's New-Car Reviews, Prices, and Information. If you want to find out if the Oldsmobile you are interested in is accident-free, decode the VIN via the form below. The last set I found went for crazy money, $700 per pair! Encoding the body number in Oldsmobile can be a good way to verify your car before you buy. Every car manufacturer is obliged to mark all its vehicles in this special format. The VIN number has a specific format that is globally recognized. A special Sebring Yellow promo model called Rally 350 was issued in 1970 only. Sign up for a new account in our community. Wagon <]>> Auction Source: The 2013 Amelia Island Auction by Gooding & Company, 1971 Oldsmobile 442 W-30 Convertible 344671M171956 did not sell for $115,000 Matching numbers. This classic car & truck bonanza was a feast for the senses. Transmissions were available in automatic, three or four speed manuals. The Rocket 350 was painted metallic gold and has its own casting number. % Special Offer on Antivirus Software From HowStuffWorks and TotalAV Security. 4477: 2 dr. <>>> The correct URL for this website is http://www.OLDSmobility.com/) The muscle car market segment to which the 442 belonged was disenfranchised by shifting social attitudes, crippling insurance rates, the Clean Air Act and the fuel crisis. 1971 oldsmobile 442 w30 vin decoder Home; . From 1968 through 1971, the 442 was a model in its own right. 1st digit - GM Division . On some Oldsmobile models, the VIN can also be found on the label at the top or side of the frame behind the drivers upper swingarm bushes. 110 left the plant in 1971. For complete information on decoding an Oldsmobile cowl tag, refer to the Deciphering The Cowl Tag page. stream | My Personal Project - Photo Galleries | Updates/Journal | Sign My Guestbook It's easy! VIN decoding. Very early 1972 cars might have red plastic fender liner but most were black. Certain things get painted over. #olds #oldsmobile #442 #oldsmobile442w30 #4speed #convertible #olds442 #gm #driver #racing #musclecar #testdrive #carguy. The 1970 Cutlass grille has a fine egg crate design with Cutlass script on the driver side while the 442 model has bold vertical columns with die cast 442 letters in the hood divider. Not only does Minore authenticate classic Oldsmobile muscle cars, but he also works on them, seen here with a 1967 W-30. The variable is the location in the VIN. Location: On plate attached to top left dash board. "At the time, I was about the only Oldsmobile swap meet vendor around. Original inner fenders and doors, quarter panels. Tim Murphy (right), a longtime friend of Minore's (and a "1969 fanatic"), helps him remove the air cleaner on Weaver's W-31 to check the date code on the air cleaner and the number on the carburetor. The rear bumper will have exhaust cut outs and the fender liners for the front will be red plastic from 1970-1971. The only way to confirm if it's a 442 by VIN that year is if the engine code is X. This 1971 Oldsmobile 442 W-30 sold 2 months ago. W-30 package was the most powerful Rocket V-8 built by GM for the day. We'll cover the drive line examination next as part of the verification process. YEAR. Specs | General Specs | Engine So how to check the history of an Oldsmobile? 10 January 2007. On a true four-speed car, you'll see the slag on the edges of the opening. for Oldsmobile car parts and check the car's history. This is long but SO WORTH IT! P . 0000004616 00000 n I have not been able to locate the build sheet anywhere in the interior. In. Do not forget to read about The VIN # confirms that it is a 442 (344) and it has all of the right parts for a 442 including W30 parts. This is an authentic W30. Originally, this was a complete aluminum rear differential carrier but it was only offered in 1970. Every car manufacturer is obliged to mark all its vehicles in this special format. From 1968 to 1971 it was attached to the top of the instrument panel . I also plan on expanding it to cover the 1968 and 1969 W-31 cars as well. SUFFIX OR CODE 250 L6 l55 1-BBL MT 8.50:1 VB 250 L6 l55 1-BBL AT 8.50:1 VF . Believed to be less than 75 in existence today. "1971 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 W-30" Copyright 2023, Antique Automobile Club of America. Original hood. You can find your Oldsmobile's VIN in the following locations: On your car's insurance and title documents. Muscle cars wouldn't have much muscle without horsepower -- but what exactly is horsepower? What does it cost to authenticate a 1970s Oldsmobile muscle car? Gross output fell slightly less than on the base engine, to 350 bhp from 370. 1964-72 OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS/442. The partial VIN on the Olds engine block is found on the driver's side front of engine just beneath the cylinder head on a machined pad. Bigger changes were underhood, where GM's ruling that all its cars reduce emissions and run on regular-grade fuel caused a compression-ratio cut in the 4-4-2's 455-cid V-8. Usually, it was a Cutlass, Cutlass S or Cutlass Supreme engine. When it comes to differentials, the best you can do is confirm a build date before the assembly of car that's within a reasonable amount of time, say between 6 weeks to three months. Buying a used car? The 4-4-2 nomenclature stood for a four-barrel carburetor, four-speed manual transmission, and two exhausts. Solid, handsome and fast, the Cutlass and 442 have been favorites for decades. 0 The VIN also allows a user to get a build sheet of Oldsmobile. the number of previous owners, damages, post-accident repairs or meter mileage. Additionally, it is generously optioned with power steering and brakes, heavy duty 400 Turbo Hydramatic transmission, tilt Sport steering wheel, AM/FM stereo radio with factory 8 track player, factory rear window defogger and full tinted glass. Muscle cars quickly became unaffordable and impractical for many people. This is worth checking on manual transmission cars as they led a harder life than the automatics. Just 500 were made, all four-speeds. 11. First, you need to find the VIN number in the vehicle documentation and compare it with the one found in the car. Let's start with identifying the 442 option. 6 Digits - Sequential production number starting with 100001. These Oldsmobile press photos of the then-new 1968 4-4-2 were taken in April 1967 by Petersen Publishing's Bob D'Olivo. 0000001042 00000 n You're looking for a 344 in the start of the VIN on dash or door . . Cougar pulled out of Mustang's shadow with the striped and spoilered 1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator. 1965-1971 Oldsmobile Models. x ko xX { bYN u p . Read. 22 0 obj<>stream "See these hands, son? In 1970, Oldsmobile Division came out with an aluminum W-31 intake similar to the one used on the W-30s and made by the same foundry. Poor window seals are to blame for the trunk floor rust outs. I have the original carburetor numbers and pictures so I can compare the fonts. | Tune-up | Torque | Oldsmobile knew the time was right to field a high performance intermediate after the runaway success of Pontiac's Tempest option called GTO. By 1971 Oldsmobile 442 - sold for $27,500 1971 was the penultimate year for Oldsmobile's great 442, which retained the powerful 455 CI engine as standard equipment. A Rare and Exciting Find for Muscle Car Enthusiasts. However, it may not be easy to find the VIN in the Oldsmobile because the number is not always in the usual places. Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close, Activate Your Premium Membership Today >>, The 1969 Dodge Charger custom build by Ringbrothers, 1960s Muscle Cars Their Beginning, Downfall & The Best Muscle Cars Ever Made, The 2013 Amelia Island Auction by Gooding & Company, 1971 Oldsmobile 442 W-30 Convertible 344671M171956, 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 (Ultimate Guide), The Mercedes-Benz 280 is a Bulletproof Beauty. Aluminum intake manifold, low restriction air cleaner and exhaust system, and air-induction hood continued as components of the $369 W-30 option. The 1968, 1969, and 1970 carburetors are W-31-specific, have their own W-31 part numbers, and are big-dollar items. 1969 Oldsmobile vehicle identification number (vin) decoder. decoding an Oldsmobile cowl tag, refer to the Deciphering The Cowl Tag page. <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Look for hammer marks, misshapen metal, putty skimmed over stretched metal from a porta-jack and elongated holes. %PDF-1.4 % 1971 oldsmobile 442 w30 vin decoder. The 442 engines were 400 and 455 blocks. The 442 and W30 option in particular are wildly popular and from 1970 onwards, it's relatively easy to make a Cutlass look like a full house W30 optioned 442. "I've been doing engine bay restorations for years," he says. The Hurst/Olds were the only formal hardtops to get W30 engines. If you're buying a car to restore as a concours show winner, the car has to be good to start with. See profiles, photos, and specifications of, Muscle cars came in many shapes and sizes. Are you thinking of buying a 2007 muscle car, or any other car? All rights reserved. So the muscle car era lived on for another year with the help of the 1971 . Original trunk lid. COMB. 1 0 obj Please The factory chalk marks aren't usually there anymore. The G is the application key; for 1970 this trans would have been used in 4-4-2, W-32, or SX, but not a W-30. The predecessor to the 1969 W-31 was Oldsmobile's 1968 Ram Rod 350. One of them was a 1970 4-4-2 W-30 convertible. You're looking for a 344 in the start of the VIN on dash or door decal. All 1969 Cutlasses used a single, square tail lamp. This is the Oldsmobile VIN decoder. Cool supercar stuff only. All 1972 Cutlasses had six window tail lamps. (W30) 6th Digit - Model Year 2 = 1972 ; 7th Digit - Assembly Plant . <> Oldsmobile - VIN decoding. MARKETS AUCTIONS DEALERS VALUATION BLOG SELL YOUR CAR LOGIN . Due to strict emissions regulations, GM killed off all the big-block cars and the 1971 442 was the last Oldsmobile muscle car. Silver with Black interior. Ordered via Carlson Oldsmobile Inc. on February 26, 1971 and delivered to its first owner on April 7, 1971. All rights reserved. Stunning Saturn Gold over Black Color Combination. The 442 and W30 option in particular are wildly popular and from 1970 onwards, it's relatively easy to make a Cutlass look like a full house W30 optioned 442. . Oldsmobile car has a unique identifier code called a VIN. The 400 engine from the 1968-69 era was a G code engine and casting number is 396026. When Oldsmobile did its four-speed conversions on-line [1970-'72], it just cut out the floor with a torch! and it has all of the right parts for a 442 including W30 parts. Enjoy the rat rods, hot rods, classic trucks, cool . All 1968 Cutlasses used single, rectangular flat tail lamp. xb```f``dl`g@ ~r,`Td^ tl[6H.``` 600[00(5005 % i^k720j3e5yN@ "g 1967 Oldsmobile 442 VIN plate, found on the left front door pillar. COMP. 0000007285 00000 n The main setback for the 1971 Olds 442 models was that aforementioned unleaded gas requirement. The dangerous year is 1972 because 442 became an optional handling and trim package and no longer coded as part of the VIN number. information concerning equipment versions, potential repairs, accidents or mileage. Location: On plate attached to top left dash board. . All Rights Reserved. This could be old damage. We hope to bring you new and interesting content on our YouTube channel. MCR: What are the areas you look at when authenticating a car? 6 digits - Production sequence starting at 10001 at all plants. | 1967 Specifications - Model ID | Product OLDS 4-4-2 FEATURES. The W-30 setup associated with blueprinted engines and banzai hole shots would last only through '72, though the name appeared on enthusiast-oriented Oldsmobiles for years to come. I look at the fonts. W-30 option cars were equipped with Ram Air intake hoses leading from a chrome-topped dual snorkel black air cleaner to special under-bumper air scoops and set . I have pictures of the cars that I actually took apart and took photographs of and can tell within two seconds whether the VIN is right because I have examined so many cars. It is rock solid. June 10, 2004 in Oldsmobile - General, I recently purchased a 1970 442 W30. For 1972, the Cutlass went with a couple of grilles, a coarse checkerboard and a chromed horizontal bar style. It's kind of hard to explain, but it's easy to tell if one of these cars ever got into an accident. The grilles on a 1970 W-31 are very hard to find, but they did come on four-door cars, station wagons, and Cutlass S cars. Through a number of conversations I was asked if I knew anyone who was interested in a 1970 Oldsmobile W-31. | View My Guestbook The regular 4-4-2 came in at 270 bhp, the W-30 at 300. In 1970, the Cutlass had a moderate restyle of front and rear ends and improved interiors. SS1 wheels weren't body color, starting in 1972, a wheel option was available called SS2 which gave you wheel inserts painted body color. Oldsmobile car history before getting a car loan or credit. It was obviously a 350/325hp car with all the options. 1971 Oldsmobile vehicle identification number (vin) decoder. On the driver's side of your dashboard. 0000001633 00000 n This page last modified on February 15, 2003. This means it comes with 455-cubic inch big block L77 V8 tuned to deliver 300 hp of max output and 410 lb-ft of peak torque as delivered to the wheels via a four-speed transmission and a positraction . You should also check the transmission for partial VINs. Let's face it. On older Oldsmobile models, however, the VIN could be replaced by a serial number. endobj Look at the last three feet of rail for misshapen metal, weld marks, extra holes or stretched ones courtesy of porta-jack frame straightening. 20 16 This can be done online via the form below. The engine is now included as the fifth digit and the 442 model status is gone. Oldsmobile was certainly a force in that fray, as the details of the 1970 version of the 4-4-2 and 4-4-2 W-30 illustrate. The Turbohydramatic 400 was the most common automatic in performance Cutlasses while Muncie units were most common as manual gearboxes. For 1972, the 455 engine letter code was Fa. MARKETS . For most enthusiasts, the big three are what matters. Oldsmobile parts by VIN number. We'll cover specific details to look for in a later section. The car came with only minor modifications from the previous year. I became involved with the W-31s after I went to the 1993 Oldsmobile Nationals in Somerset, New Jersey. That seemed tame compared to the giddy figures of just a year earlier, but in reality, net ratings more accurately reflected power available at the driving wheels. By 'numbers matching,' we're talking about the original engine, transmission and body the car was born with. The 1969 Cutlass has vertical grille columns while the 442 has die cast numbers in center of hood. Home \ Uncategorized \ 1971 oldsmobile 442 w30 vin decoder > Hopefully someone on this forum can answerthe questions, and hopefully shed some light on the subject.I have a 67 Olds 442. This 1972 Oldsmobile 442 W30 features the X Code in its vehicle identification number (VIN 3G87X2M251063). Very solid, very special 1972 VW Beetle in Pick Up version. suggestions, please e-mail me. A numbers matching drive train is essential and a car with most of its factory hardware intact is preferred. A newer gas tank and rear bumper may be your only clues. Cutlass rear bumper is worth a thousand dollars, that is if you can find one. Contact Us - DO NOT EMAIL CAR QUESTIONS. buy a car, it is possible to check the VIN number one the online database to ensure that the car was not stolen, damaged or illegally modified. 0000004371 00000 n Documenting and Verification: How far you wish to go with this depends on your end use. I have been able to amass a database for 1970 W-30 four-speed and automatic cars. I would like to learn more about both the earlier and later year cars, as my ultimate objective is, for lack of a better term, to become the Kevin Marti or Galen Govier of Oldsmobile authenticators. From 1968 to 1971 the VIN will identify if the car is a factory 442. The last six characters should match the last six digits of the car's VIN. Is a restored a car harder to authenticate? This brought horsepower down to 340 from the previous year's rating of 365. Oldsmobile problems, recalls and complaints. The rear deck spoiler W35 was offered only from 1970 442s and Rally 350 models but it's so popular you'll find them installed on later examples. He pulled it out, and it was the broadcast sheetthat car's Golden Ticket! 2023 Second Chance Garage, LLC. Tie ins with Hurst using the Dual Gate shifter and H/O model helped initiate the supercar concept in 1968. Use our VIN decoder to find more information about the history of your car. "This is the car that got me interested in the W-31 small-block cars," he said. However, he said that so-called experts had told him that it was not for that particular car because it didn't have the VIN listed at the top of it. 4 0 obj The technical knowledge came from owning and parting out cars and dealing with Oldsmobile collectors. This online service allows a user to check the validity of the car and get detailed information on almost any VIN number, search for Oldsmobile car parts and check the car's history. The 4-4-2 itself reverted to a Cutlass option after '71. All 1970 Cutlasses used rectangular tail lamps divided by two horizontal bars. This number contains vital information about the car, such as its manufacturer, year of production, the plant it was produced in, type of engine, model and more. "I started looking at things like the Julian date codes on cowl tags, VIN numbers, broadcast sheets, and those kinds of things. In 1972, the Cutlass Supreme used a coarse checkerboard grille while the 442 model used last year's grille only painted in silver instead of black. This 72 Cutlass Supreme in Flame Orange sports SS2 wheels and sports mirrors. TRANS. The owner I purchased it from stated that it is a W30. Sport Coupe: 9487: 2 dr. Hardtop Coupe: 4467: 2 dr. Convertible Coupe: 9687: 2 dr. Cust Int Htop Coupe This number contains important information about the car, such as the model year or place of manufacture. 0000001174 00000 n The OPEC oil embargo led to price controls and gasoline rationing, as well as higher prices. Enter VIN and press "Decode": Decode. It was gold with back stripes and had a ram air hood. Registry | Messageboard | Reproducing any material on this website without permission is prohibited. Here are features on more than 100, Muscle cars created their own culture. The option disappeared after 1970. On Canadian built Cutlasses a Chevrolet 12 bolt was used. "Not full restorations because I only have a one-car garage. 1971 oldsmobile 442 w30 vin decoder . Sincerely Jim Barnett. Production was very low. How do I decode the body number in the Oldsmobile? Oldsmobile used hotshot parts previously only available to police departments. Encoding the VIN number in Oldsmobile can be particularly helpful for people who want to buy a car of this brand, because the VIN decoder will allow you to check the detailed history of the vehicle regarding repairs, mileage and participation in accidents. (A Body W-30) (1972) L78 Engine, V-8 4BC (400), Pontiac (1975) L78 Engine, V-8 4BC (455), Oldsmobile L78 High Compression V-8 Performance Engine (1967) L78 High Compression 400 Cu. %%EOF As we have already mentioned, the verification of Oldsmobiles basic data before purchase can be very helpful, all the more so given the current prices of these cars. W-31s have a lot of rare engine parts on them. The monster 455cid V8 was stock for that 442 but that would be the swansong year although the 442 had put the Oldsmobile in the muscle-car map. He can be reached by email at casamperformance@sbcglobal.net. In 1970, Oldsmobile Division stamped out only one style of fender. Find all the latest facts, figures and Tests | Technical How-To's | Owner's The large O in the upper left corner of this TH400 transmission tag tells you it's for an Oldsmobile, while the 70 in the lower left corner denotes the 1970 model year. Power steering. By 1971 it was only available as a cover. Note the telltale M in the sequence, denoting a real-deal W-30. They have some things to look for. Oldsmobile. The following year the car was changed to the W-31. That meant it was a 455 W30 engine which was a 442 exclusive. Unfortunately, we only support translating VIN numbers from cars built between 1965 and 1972 as of now. Selling a 1971 Oldsmobile 442 W30. Meriden, Connecticut's Stephen Minore is a self-professed "Oldsmobile nut" with a particular interest in the 1970 W-Machines. There was no crush zone in it and ran the whole length of the fender. Want to link to this site? The engine is what gives a muscle car its flamboyant personality. Juni 2022; Beitrags-Kategorie: recent fatal car accident in florida today; Thank goodness for the folks that keep www.442.com alive. Very nice, good running and driving 1968 Fairlady 1600. If he is authenticating a 1970 model and the fender doesn't look like this, that means it has been replaced for some reason, and an owner's claim of "all original sheetmetal" goes out the window. The VIN also allows a user to get a build sheet of Y)h nx$103uo. For 1971, the Cutlass S had horizontal bars breaking up the grille while the 442 used a fine screen grille in black with die cast '442' letters installed on the driver side panel. A cool car show held annually in Wisconsin. W-30s again were factory blueprinted and those used with manual transmission re-tained the hotter 1970 cam. When it comes to the W-30 cars, Oldsmobile made only about five or six different Julian codes, and you've got to be able to recognize those carburetors when you see them. There really is no book that I can pull out and unequivocally say this is the way it was done. That's a dead giveaway that the fenders have been changed. Stephen spent some of his formative years "banging gears and laying rubber all around town" in his uncle Mark's 1969 Cutlass Supreme. Luckily, Oldsmobile still identified its strongest 4-4-2 by a single option code, W-30. For more cool information on muscle cars, go to: No muscle cars were more stylish, sophisticated, or brawnier than those from Oldsmobile. HVrH}W[fM*I9)g< I8@HDAO[bp N b? The W-31 actually started out in 1968 and was the Cutlass-based Ram Rod 350. A-2482. (31) F85 or Cutlass L6, (32) F85 or Cutlass V8, (33) F85 Standard V6 or L6, (34) F85 V8, (35) F85 Deluxe V6 or L6 or Cutlass L6, (36) F85 Deluxe V8 or Cutlass V8, (38) F85 Deluxe Vista Cruiser or F85 Cutlass or Cutlass Supreme V8 (67), (42) Cutlass Supreme V8, (48) Custom Vista Cruiser V8, (52) Jetstar Eighty . zEBpq=M[&\k. © VIN-Location.com. I wanted to see how things were put together. xko xX{ bYNup.P63}Y)897EUWO8jJOODrnlz?_^}>Z7Wk>V[VLB____OO.^vmm*!ZWNOrij-Uq@9`5BGW'K$ "Another thing I've done is take a lot of pictures. Guest The interior of the 442 has cheap-looking, wood-grain vinyl dash but had a real race car feel. There was also a two barrel Turnpike Cruiser engine option offered in 1968 and even a 442 could get this engine. Have you run across any earth-shaking discoveries in the authentication process? Automatic. Oldsmobile Viking Blue Iridescent. The Rocket 350 wasn't used in the 442 until 1972. 0000002448 00000 n %PDF-1.5 For complete information on (W30) 455 V8 380 4-BBL AT 10.50:1 QE(Hurst/Olds) 1970 ENGINE HP CARB. A 1968 442 convertible is a rare sight and has blacked out grille with 442 badge and die cast vents on hood. No patch or bond work. Last Regular 4-4-2 mills lost not only compression, but got a milder camshaft and some other detuning that dropped them to 340 bhp, from 365 (both gross ratings). "That's when I got really charged up over those cars. This format was implemented by the Do you want to have hands like this when you get to be my age? Please check All 1971 Cutlasses used square tail lamps divided by a horizontal center bar. The 1969 Cutlass grille has vertical fins, a center metal divider and four headlamp arrangement in pairs with the parking lamps moved to the front bumper. Can I look at it?' The Julian code on the rearend has to be correct, and the code will tell you what the rearend ratio is. That too has its own part number. Oldsmobile vehicle history report may contain the following information: title problems, prior damages, unsafe salvage rebuilds, odometer mileage, theft, past sales. Right away I could determine that the block had been re-stamped. GTO VIN Decoding; Firebird VIN Decoding; GM Body Tag Decoding; GM Muncie 4-Speed Decoding; Chevrolet Decoding. Please support us by subscribing. Links |. Every 442 came with front and rear sway bars. As you can see, whether you are interested in the Oldsmobile in Aurora, Bravada, Custom Cruiser, Cutlass, Delta 88, Silhouette, Supreme or Toronado, its worth locating the VIN in the car, because its the VIN thats stamped on the fixed element thats most reliable. The specifications on the car are as follows: it was made in Lansing Michigan (M), it has a factory ram-air hood (steel frame), it has a 4-speed, manual front disc brakes, according to the Mondello V-8 Engine Manual it has, the correct number distributor (1111977 - All W30 w/MT), it has positraction, it has one original red inner fender (driver side was wrecked and replaced with a black inner fender according to the owner), etc. The rear quarter panels, lower door frames, trunk floors and frame rails are prone to corrosion. Why don't you do something like drafting for a living? COLOUR. This is all the more so because these cult cars reach dizzying prices. 20 0 obj<> endobj From 1968 to 1971 the VIN will identify if the car is a factory 442. Minore was there to authenticate the car, which we recently featured in Rare Finds ("More Than Just a Car," Sept. '15). In 1971 slight improvements were added to the Oldmobile 442 which can be easily identified by its round running lights and black grille with 442 script. jack harlow costume ideas,

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