Balozy Guarantee - Coming soon!!

When things go wrong, we're here to make it right

Trust and reliability are two of the core aspects at Balozy. We want you to be thrilled with every Balozypro (service provider) you hire through our app. But life can make a quick turn, rest assured Balozy is armed to protect you and your family. Balozy Pros are human. And sometimes things go wrong. So if anything happens, we’ll work to make it right.

Please read this page and our program terms and conditions closely so you understand what has to happen for you to be eligible for us to help

Money-Back Guarantee.

Our Money-Back Guarantee will cover circumstances where you hire a pro on Balozy and the job doesn’t get done, or it isn’t done as agreed. So if you hire a plumber or electrician who doesn’t finish your project, or your sink leaks the next day, we can pay you back up to KES10,000. Be sure to notify us within 30 days.

Property Damage Guarantee.

If your Balozy pro was negligent and damaged your property, we can cover you up to KES100,000. So if the sink leak damages your house – your floors or walls, notify us within 14 days so we can help

How it works.

When you first hire a balozypro, please try to get everything in writing: your agreement terms, how much they’ll charge, etc. That’ll make clear what you and the pro agreed to and help us sort out what happened when you notify us. Once you notify us, we’ll help you talk to your service pro to see if they can make it right. You’ll have to show that you hired the pro on Balozy before any work started and within 30 days of when you submitted your project request. Proof can include Balozy messages, emails, contracts or invoices/receipts.

Terms and conditions- Balozy Guarantee – Coming soon!

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