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Spread the word by email or with your social link sharing via what’s up or Facebook.

Your friends sign up to Balozy & get KES.250 on their first jobs. 

Spread the word by email or with your social link sharing via what’s up or Facebook.

Don't let your friends waste another minute

Balozy is about creating opportunities for all.  Nobody should waste time. That’s why Balozy is here to empower homeowners to connect with pros who can help them with more for less. 


When you share your referral link with friends or family who signs up as a new service provider (Balozypro) on Balozy, and that new pro spends a certain amount on Balozy, you’ll receive promotional Balozy credit, as further described below. Violating these terms and conditions may subject your account to review and removal.


The Balozy Referral Program permits registered Balozy service providers to earn credit to use on Balozy for referring new professionals or service providers to Balozy. Except where provided explicitly herein, the Balozy Terms of Use and  Balozy Privacy Policy apply fully and completely. Undefined  terms used here have the definitions set forth in the Balozy Terms of Use. Where these Referral Terms of Service conflict with the Balozy Terms of Use or Balozy Privacy Policy, these Referral Terms of Service apply.

Sharing Referral Links

To refer a new professional, a service provider should share their referral link with a personal connection that could be friends or family who should then follow that link in order to sign up as a service provider on Balozy. Referral links may only be shared with personal connections. Referral links may not be published or distributed where there is no reasonable basis for believing that all or most of the recipients are personal connections (such as on coupon websites or public forums, or through spam).

Earning Credit

A referring service provider will receive promotional credit to use on Balozy within two weeks of a referred service provider spending a certain amount of money on Balozy. The credit has no cash value. Both the amount of money the referred service provider must spend and the amount of promotional Balozy credit the referring service provider will receive will be specified in the communication from Balozy making the referral link available to a referring service provider.

The referred service provider may not be a current or former Balozy service provider. Referrals of professionals with an existing Balozy account or even under another name, will not qualify. service providers may earn a maximum of 8 referrals per account or account owner per year.

Multiple Referrals

A referred service provider may use only one referral link. If they receive multiple referral links, only the service provider whose link was used to sign up is eligible for the promotional Balozy credit.

Termination and Change; Fraud or Abuse

Balozy may suspend, modify, or terminate this program or any service provider’s eligibility to participate for any reason, at any time, at its sole discretion, without notice to the service provider. In any such case, referrals initiated, but not yet completed, will not qualify for a referral credit, or will qualify under the modified program, at Balazy’s discretion. The most recent communication from Balozy making the referral link available to a referring service provider and the Balozy Referral Program Terms of Use in effect at the time a referred service provider creates a Balozy service provider account will govern the amount of credit a referring service provider receives. Balozy also reserves the right at its sole discretion to retract any awarded credit if a referring service provider is suspected of fraud, abuse, misconduct or other violations of these or the main Balozy Terms of Use or Privacy Policy.

Our policies can change at any time. Please Check this page frequently to ensure that you understand the Balozy Referral Program terms that are in effect.


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