Home Repairs Services Near Me

Affordable home repairs services near me.

Find Home Repairs Specialist Near Me

Are you looking for home repair services near you? We understand how it can be difficult to get reliable fundi in Kenya. 
However, that’s in the past now. At Balozy, we
provide experienced handymen to help you with home maintainance.

We have a team of professionals you can rely on. Whether you need help fixing broken fixtures, leaking taps, roof repairs, or patching walls and other minor repairs, our service providers can help.

We always work with experienced service providers to ensure you get high-quality services wherever you are in Kenya.

The good news is you can get affordable service providers to help you. 

Therefore, don’t hesitate. You don’t have to risk your home with DIY procedures. Instead, download Balozy today and hire highly qualified professionals.

Other Services Near Me

Fix broken sink

Test your electric system

Repair your fridge

Balozy is here to make your work easy and your life more attractive. No more worries about where and how to get qualified service providers near you.

Balozy is the solution to your worries!

Home Repairs Services: Frequently Asked Questions

A handyman performs several types of home repairs. For example, it can be electrical work, painting, electronics repairs, lawn care, and other small repairs.

We have service providers who can help you repair your fridge at a fair price. You can search and compare the charges of different fridge repairs near you.

Balozy is Free: Hire Home Repairs Service Provider

It’s free! Period. You never pay to use Balozy. Find, compare, and hire reliable service providers with just a few clicks. All at no cost to you.

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