Why is this important-verification

The Balozy community works best when its clients and service providers know and trust each other. That’s why, before booking a service provider or becoming a client, we may ask you to confirm some account info. 

Phone and email verification

Having confirmed contact info gives service providers and customers a way to contact you about your services or your account. Service providers are required to confirm contact info before listing their services, and clients must do the same before booking a service. You also need a verified phone number to complete identity verification

Identity verification

Balozy checks that people are who they say they are by confirming identity information with third parties or by reviewing government-issued documents like a government ID, passport, or national identity card.

Balozy reviews case by case – depending on each person. So bear with us if your verification is taking longer than expected. Our policy is fairness and integrity; we also work hard to evolve our process.